In the fall of 2019 I closed my psychotherapy practice and began bringing out a lifetime love of playing cello. Since 2014, I've had the joy of learning and playing traditional celtic music on the cello with long-time trad musicians in Humboldt, CA and at Sierra Fiddle Camp. Now, I'll be deepening that love of music and playing on the road.

The chance to play with Ken is exciting because of his great repertoire of old time music and original tunes and his own particular style of rhythm that is contagious. Ken brings an ease with creating new music, weaving in story and poems, and a love of traditional music that we both share. He has also gifted me with a mandolin and fiddle and these are amazing fun to learn.

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I will be performing some gigs with Ken and developing my own combination of writing, visual arts, traditional music, and ritual on the road as we attend conferences, festivals, and visit with fellow artists.